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Learning Solutions - Why TAL?
Approach | Why TAL? | Features of TAL

The issues that led to the development of TAL are difficult in that they require balanced consideration of the following issues:

  • How do we cater to the grasping power of individuals?

  • How can the gap be closed between spoken word and understanding?

  • What types of technologies improve learning?

  • Which technologies can we afford?

  • What are the hidden costs?

  • Instant, global deployment and updates

  • Convenient access to learning

  • Self-paced, accommodative format

  • More cost-effective than in-person training and infrastructure requirements

  • Consistency of message for all learners

  • Engaging and interactive learning environment

  • Simulations that allow learners to test their skills in a safe environment
Minimal technology requirements (Web browser and internet connectivity)






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