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TALs mandate ranges from conceptualization of the material to implementation in the CDs, from the trainees of different backgrounds to the visualization of concepts. TAL uses multimedia-based training experiences to supplement traditional course experiences and also to create non-traditional experiences.

A number of features complement the use of TAL. Some are related to beliefs that TAL practices:

  • Are inherently beneficial.

  • Make the delivery of education more cost effective.

  • Can reach learners of all levels

  • Offer trainees more control over when and where they interact with the material they are learning.

  • Offer trainees richer, more diverse learning resources.

  • Efficiently deliver information, communication, education, and training.

  • Provide a new set of tools that can add value to every traditional learning mode - classroom experiences, textbook study, CD-ROM, and traditional CBT.

  • Demonstrate that old learning models cannot be scaled to effectively meet today’s learning challenges. TAL provides the tools needed to meet that challenge.

  • Do not replace the classroom setting, but enhance it, taking advantage of new content and delivery technologies in order to enable learning.

  • Holds both learners and mentors accountable.

  • Allows for the varying retention levels of learners, based on content type and delivery vehicle. The better the match between content type/delivery vehicle and a learner’s style, the greater the learner’s level of retention and subsequent results.







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