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Today’s Internet culture demands that a person’s knowledge and skill levels be constantly updated. Those people, companies, and countries with the greatest knowledge, skills, and ability to efficiently create and share knowledge will have the best chance at success in the latest, knowledge-based Internet culture.

E-Learning disseminates knowledge and skills - fast. It combines communication, education, information, and training in addition to delivering measurable, bottom-line results, whether in business or in education. E-Learning weaves together ideas to support learning, using new media to further educational access for all and to bring communities together.

Adding innovations to its experience in e-learning, Domino Tech brought along another step in e-learning called Technology-Assisted Learning (TAL).  TAL is a phenomenon that can be implemented in any area in which training is required. TAL uses creativity to ensure understanding and to inspire creativity. The challenge actually lies in identifying, integrating, and delivering training that offers an in-depth understanding, not only of concepts but also of their practical ramifications.

TAL was inspired by cinema, which is the most powerful media that uses visuals to convey the same meaning to everyone. The ultimate objective of TAL is to increase and facilitate the training process while stimulating professional cooperation to improve the quality of training. TAL acknowledges that concentration is the secret to successful learning, and it also accounts for the volatility of spoken words by using pictures to help maintain the learner’s interest.  The beauty of acquiring knowledge via TAL is that learning can happen anywhere, anytime.



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