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Security Audit

Security Audit Services

Corporate networks, assets, and information are at risk whenever a vulnerability that can be exploited exists.  Managing risk, therefore, requires a strong understanding and assessment of perimeter defenses, vulnerabilities, configurations (and changes to configurations), user roles and privileges, and policies.

Domino Tech’s Security Audit services are designed to provide third-party objective testing of your organization's internal controls and compliance objectives. As a result, our Network Security Audit strengthens your Information Security Program (ISP) and improves management's overall knowledge of risk. Our services include:

Penetration Testing

  • External Infrastructure
  • Internal Network
  • Wireless
  • VoIP

Application Penetration Test

  • Web
  • Source Code Review
  • Other Applications

Social Engineering

  • Email, Phone
  • Physical Access
  • Portable Media

Our clients can be assured that we accurately and cost-effectively isolate areas of risk.  We provide actionable recommendations (both strategic and technical) for improvement to help align your IT security investment with your overall business goals.







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