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For small businesses, mid-size businesses, and startups, Domino Technologies, Inc. offers comprehensive outsourcing services. We provide our clients with fast and direct access to technical expertise by performing all phases of hiring, training, and maintaining a full in-house IT staff.   

Domino Tech’s network support packages offer numerous benefits and features. Our clients reduce technical risk and build a solid network infrastructure by working with our team of Microsoft-certified consulting and service experts. Our established reputation and years of delivering business solutions based on Microsoft technology ensures that your IT network will have maximum availability, performance, and security.

Individual Experts

The Domino Tech staff of IT consultants consists of a highly experienced team of Microsoft and Cisco experts. Averaging over 10 years of professional experience per consultant, our certified experts bring a proven set of methods for solving technical problems, planning projects, and providing consulting services. The technical depth and breadth of our support staff allows us to provide your business with a consulting expert who has task-relevant expertise and an effective approach for delivering fast and affordable IT solutions.

Problem Escalation through Teamwork

Utilizing a team approach to solve the most difficult technical problems, we leverage an extraordinary amount of experience from our Microsoft and Cisco certified experts, and can quickly and efficiently solve even the most vexing of issues. Working with hundreds of clients and performing thousands of complex implementation and integration projects every year gives us a unique perspective on which approaches are effective and which are ineffective. Complex software interactions are a minefield for even the most skilled engineers unless they have a long and diverse history in hands-on work with a wide range of technologies.

Best Practice Standards Companywide

Our company uses the combined experience of its senior consulting staff to develop an internal, company-wide set of best practices designed to ensure timely, cost-effective resolution of technical issues and to measure and maximize customer satisfaction. These practices include a strong emphasis on consistent communication with our clients and documentation of services.

Ongoing Training

As a certified partner with Microsoft and Cisco, we consistently verify that staff consultants undergo ongoing technical and best-practices training. This training comprises valuable lessons and methods for technology adoption that have been gathered from the experience of hundreds of technical professionals worldwide.  As such, clients receive the latest and most efficient delivery of services, enabling us to consistently assure that our company maintains the highest standards.

Internal Database of Problems and Proven Solutions

Domino Tech’s advanced service reporting system provides detailed documentation for all delivered services.  Every staff member has full access to all details of services delivered by other staff members to clients. This record of problems and solutions, as well as false alarms, is organized in an easily accessible and searchable internal database, allowing our consultants to share their experiences companywide so that the overall effectiveness of our support grows over time. This database also eliminates a client’s dependence on a single consultant by enabling one consultant to begin where another ended, and by minimizing time expenditure during familiarization with client-side network environments.

Microsoft Solutions Framework Project Methodology

For larger projects, Domino Tech consultants follow the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) model for service delivery. MSF breaks projects down into discrete and manageable phases that reduce the risk of a project getting out of control. Each phase creates a solid foundation for the success of later phases. Design and integration issues are identified early in the project cycle in order for problems to be identified and addressed before users are impacted. This also prevents costs from skyrocketing due to unforeseen problems during large scale deployment. All phases are documented to provide a detailed description of technical services delivered and to assist in ongoing system maintenance.

Access to External Support Databases

As certified support partners of Microsoft and Cisco, we have access to the world's largest support databases and resources. Among the most powerful support databases available to Domino Tech consultants are the operational best practices incorporated in the various Management Packs created by Microsoft and third parties for use with Microsoft Operations Manager.  We use this proactive server- monitoring software as the basis of our special IT outsourcing packages. Management Packs contain pre-built processing rules that can react to events, thresholds, and alerts monitored by the Microsoft Operations Manager. Management Packs can also give expert advice on how to handle specific problems by automatically extracting relevant articles from the extensive Microsoft Knowledge Base.


















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